Yard maintenance can take a lot of work if you want your yard to remain beautiful. The good thing is that using several yard hacks can easily change your yard for the better. You can also easily transform the appearance of the property without too much work.

Although not much change is needed, you only really need to make great choices in how to upgrade your yard. In order to make great upgrades, you need to consider a few hacks for a beautiful yard.

1. Water at the Appropriate Times

If you are enthusiastic about lawn care, then you need to be aware of when it's the best time to water. You need to try to avoid overwatering so that the grass receives enough oxygen to survive. When you provide a deep amount of water infrequently, you will be able to encourage healthy root growth. Watering once weekly will suffice, and you only need to ensure that the water is only 1 inch deep. By measuring the amount of water, you will know the exact amount that was used.

2. Mow at the Appropriate Times

When you decide to mow, you need to ensure that it is at appropriate times and never when wet. If you mow wet grass, it could cause disease to set in. 

When the weather is hot, the lawn could become stressed. Mowing should be conducted later in the afternoon and when there are times of shade. You can also mow once evening has set in. 

After you mow, make sure to leave the grass clippings. Having the clippings left behind will quickly decompose and assist in weed prevention. Make sure that the blade of the lawn mower is also sharp before mowing so that the cut is always clean.

3. Restore Spots That Are Bare

No matter how careful you are about your lawn looking great, there will always be a chance where a bare spot occurs. In order to restore those spots, you can lay some grass seeds that are for your type of soil and allow it to grow new grass. 

Make sure that the amount of seed is generous enough and then topped with compost. Give it some water and ensure that the area stays moist throughout germination. You can also obtain a mix that will repair the lawn. 

You should wait for the lawn to become at least 3 inches before you decide to mow. If the bare spot is large, then laying sod will be the best option.

4. Fertilize at Appropriate Times

Grass fertilizer should be applied when active growth is taking place. The time for active growth is during spring and fall. Fertilizing during spring will help develop the roots and the fall fertilizing will repair any damage that took place during the summer and prepare it for winter survival. Fertilizing should be spaced out so that over-fertilizing can be avoided.

5. Use the Right Tools

When you want to achieve a beautiful yard, you need to have the right tools. A great example is a compost spreader. With this tool, you are able to quickly spread the right amount of soil, compost, and topdressing without any mess. It easily separates all clumps and evenly distributes the necessary nutrients that your lawn requires.

6. Use Fungicides and Insecticides

If your beautiful lawn has become invaded by fungus or a colony of insects, then you will want to use an insecticide or fungicide to tackle the problem. However, before you do, it is important to remember that your beautiful lawn is partly due to the insects that currently make it their home. So it is important to use an insecticide or fungicide wisely so that they can continue to help provide the beautiful yard you want to achieve.


Using the above hacks can easily provide you with a beautiful yard and help you to maintain it. Sometimes though, the work required may seem like a bit too much. When this is the case, you should call in a professional to take care of your lawn care needs.