Getting engaged is a momentous occasion, and everybody will be quick to offer their opinions on what you should do with your ring. But, as the owner of an engagement ring, it is your responsibility to protect, and care for it. 

Finding a way to keep your engagement ring scratch-free and shiny is easy if you invest time and effort. 

Learn how to protect your engagement ring from getting damaged.

1. Do Purchase Insurance

No matter how careful you are, your diamond can get accidentally scratched, broken, or eroded. This is why it’s wise to purchase engagement ring insurance. Purchasing this insurance ensures you'll be protected if your ring faces accidental damage.

2. Don't Touch the Center Stone

The center stone of your engagement ring is the most vulnerable piece to damage, and the most valuable. Take care not to touch the stone with your fingertips, as this will cause your diamond to lose its brilliance. The oils in your hands can quickly dull your sparkling diamond, so always ensure to wear cotton gloves when cleaning or caring for your ring.

3. Do Keep Your Ring Clean

The leading cause of an engagement ring getting damaged is dirt and grime. The best way to clean any piece of jewelry is to use hot water and dish soap. Soak your ring for thirty minutes in soapy water. 

Also, use a soft cloth to clean the ring if you notice any grime or dirt.

4. Don't Treat Your Ring with Harsh Chemicals

Most jewelry stores advise against using harsh chemicals on a piece of jewelry. When you're cleaning your ring, ensure that you don't use ammonia-based products, and if you want to remove any scratches from your ring in the long term, use a cleaning solution made for engagement rings instead of household cleaners. 

Since the diamond is such an investment, it's essential to take care of it and prevent damage from occurring. Avoid harsh chemicals on your ring, as this can damage the diamonds and leave your ring looking dull and dirty. 

You should only use unique jewelry care products on your engagement ring if you know that these are safe for the stone.

5. Be Careful with Beauty Products

Body lotions, hair products, and even makeup can ruin your ring if you're not careful. Ensure to wash your hands with soap before you put on the ring again after handling or applying these products. 

It would help if you also used a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove any stains from your fingers before putting on the ring. 

Also, make sure to avoid beauty products that contain oil or grease, as this can cause severe damage.

6. Do Basic Maintenance at Home

Cleaning your ring regularly and avoiding damage is the easiest way to keep your ring looking shiny and new. Most damage is caused by wearing diamond engagement rings daily, so they require essential maintenance. The appropriate cleaning solutions will remove dirt or grime from a piece of jewelry without damaging it, so always be thorough when you clean your ring. 

Basic cleaning with soap and water should remove most stains from the surface of your ring.


As with any jewelry, it is your responsibility to take care of your ring. You should always make sure that your ring looks new by cleaning it regularly and avoiding using beauty products on your fingers before putting it on.